Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you find the items?
I source most of my ‘smalls’ from large antiques markets around the UK, charity and rummage shops. I also work with a couple of specialist dealers for a few particular items, for example the cigarette cards.

Bespoke Memory Boxes

What type of occasion are Memory Boxes for?
I have made Memory Boxes for all types of occasions, from weddings and births, through to retirements and boxes celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed. They are often simply based on someone’s hobby or passion. You can see examples of previous Memory Boxes here.

How to a commission a Bespoke Memory Box?
If you are interested in commissioning your own personal, bespoke Memory Box please do get in touch with me here, I’d love to hear from you.

How long does it take to make a bespoke Memory Box?
I would say the longest the process could take is 2 months, I aim to have each box completed within 4 weeks. The process of creating a memory box is: initial consultation, receipt of the items, various compositions shared with client, client manes made, layout agreed, final approval given, items fixed and then framed.

What if I don’t have any items to include?
If you are thinking of commissioning a box as a gift for someone who loves, cycling, for example it is possible for me to collect items to include in your Memory Box. Please note there is an additional cost to this service and adds around a month to the process.

How do you attach the items?
I use a combination of wire, acetate strips and adhesives to fix items down. 

What if my item is very fragile or needs mending?
If you have a particularly precious item that is extremely fragile or needs repairing I will do this to the best of my ability, however if needed I would consult with a professional conservator if I was concerned. This woudl be agreed with you in advance, including any additional cost.

What type of frame can I have?
You have a choice of Walnut, Black, White or pine for your frame. These woods are all FSC certified and all my framing is done professionally by Rays Glass and Frames, Hackney.

Have you got a question that isn’t answered here? Please do get in touch with me here and I will answer any questions you might have, and add them to this page for future readers.

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