Bespoke Commissions

Working with people to celebrate these moments is a real passion and honour for me and over the years I have had the privilege of creating many one-of-a-kind artworks for both private and commercial clients.

Whether you're looking to celebrate a birth, wedding or civil partnership, to reflect fondly on the life of a loved one, or simply display a collection of prized memorabilia, a Memory Box (also known as a Shadow Box) is a beautiful way to get precious keepsakes out of storage and onto your wall.

“Pippa has taken these objects and sympathetically created a wonderful memory box that conjures my Mum and Dad's 70-year life together, their individuality, their tragedies, their triumphs, their love and their separations, brought about by traumatic world events and my father’s job. A little slice of John and Edna lives on in this box and shines out to the generations to come who, I hope, will love it as much as I do. Thank you.”

At the end of our collaboration, you will receive your beautifully curated arrangement of precious items, professionally framed a with personalised card on the reverse.

Below you can see and read a little more about some of my most recent commissions.

Sentimental Memory Box – To the Memory of John & Edna

Baby Memory Box – Celebrating the Birth of Clem

Historical Memory Box – A Day in the Workshop


How the process works…

  1. We have a chat, over the phone, online or in person, about your collection of items, what the story is behind them, how many there are, and your size or specific frame requirements. If you have limited time or budget please mention this during the meeting, so we can work around this.
  2. Following this meeting, photographs of all the keepsakes need to be shared with me and once I have these, I will send you a quotation for the work. Once the price and timeframe have been agreed, a 50% deposit is required to secure the commission.
  3. The keepsakes are then sent to my studio, either brought in person or by tracked postal delivery. I will then work my magic and share a few composition options with you for your feedback. We will then work together to perfect the arrangement until you are happy with your Memory Box.
  4. Once the final arrangement is decided, your artwork will be completed and framed. The remaining balance will be requested, along with wording for a personal message on the reverse, if you wish to include it. Finally your artwork will be carefully packaged up and delivered to you.

Interested in booking an initial consultation to go through your commission? Or do you still have questions you would like answered? 

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